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Refuge 77 - Modern Design in Oakland County, MI

A contemporary 4-bedroom two-story home designed in modules based on functions. The center of the home contains all the common areas and is flanked by a dedicated wing for the master suite on one side and a second wing for the garage and additional bedrooms on the other side. The home was designed to maximize light with extensive glazing and two multi-story atriums with vegetation. The main living space opens to a large patio that overlooks a pool deck via a massive door wall system. The rear patio can be enclosed via operable screens and left open to the main floor greatly expanding the living area.



We designed this home in three main volumes based on the interior functions. We then broke these volumes into smaller geometries for visual interest. The client also desired an indoor-outdoor lifestyle so we attempted to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior via expansive glass, integrated outdoor planters, and two multi-story atriums. 

Our Role: Architectural Design


Collaborators + Resources

Project Team:

Infuz Architects​

IMEG Corp.

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