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Contemporary Waterfront Property 

The client’s unique living style led us to develop a two structure composition where the boathouse functions as space for work and recreational activities and the main house contains the primary living areas. To take advantage of the scenic surroundings, we designed spaces to have direct access to an exterior patio or deck. We used steps in the building footprint to create a series of intimate outdoor spaces that are comfortable in the owner’s day-to-day activities but, when combined, can still accommodate larger functions. One of the most unique features of the home is an attached boathouse with a three car garage and two boatwells with direct access to The Great Lakes.The client desired a transitional style home with modern features and lots of glass, but one that was not overly contemporary. This led Infuz to develop a prairie inspired style home with clean lines and expansive glass but maintain a traditional proportion. 


Our Role: Architectural Design | Landscape Design


Collaborators + Resources

Infuz Architects | SJW Engineering LLC

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